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  1. When should my child return to school after an illness?

    When should my child return to school after an illness?
    As a parent or guardian, you know when your child is feeling better or is still under the weather. But sometimes it can be important to make sure that they are well enough to return to school while making sure they are not at risk of spreading the infection or illness to other children. We've got a handy guide below...
  2. Sore Throat - Test & Treat Service

    Sore Throat - Test & Treat Service
    We have all suffered from a sore throat where it can be uncomfortable to swallow when eating and simply talking due to symptoms such as pain and swollen glands. What causes sore throats? Sore throats can be caused by infections which could be bacterial or viral. Here at Reach Pharmacy offer a walk in sore throat testing service. What happens...
  3. Saxenda the Skinnyjab

    Saxenda the Skinnyjab
    What is Saxenda? Saxenda is a once-daily subcutaneous injection that can help people to lose weight. It is usually given to those with a BMI of more than 30 or in people who have a BMI of more than 27 who also have a weight-related medical condition. Unlike other weight loss products and regimes, it can also help you to...
  4. How to get the Flu Jab in Glasgow

    How to get the Flu Jab in Glasgow
    Every single year, thousands of people are infected with the influenza virus, more commonly known as "the flu", which causes terrible suffering and can sometimes lead to death in those most vulnerable. GP surgeries are full to the brim with flu-related visits and hospitals feel the struggle when coping with a massive increase in overnight stays. Not only does the flu...
  5. Basic First-Aid Techniques Everybody Should Know

    Basic first aid whether for kids or adults does not require lots of training.  Some basic first aid techniques can be learned either from a book, internet or attending a course. Everyone should know how to perform basic first aid treatment.  By performing simple procedures and following certain guidelines, it may be possible to save lives by giving basic treatment...
  6. How to Be Your Own Skin Expert

    The key to buying the right facial products for your skin type comes down to one key point, understanding your skin.  Is it dry – use a cream cleanser, sensitive - , oily – use a medicated cleanser.  It is also important to remember that it will change from time to time dependant on factors such as weather, diet or...

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