Cryotag Skin Tag Remover - 80ml - Up to 12 treatments

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Cryotag Skin Tag Remover is a highly effective treatment for unwanted skin tags. It's easy to use, safe and fast-working, with results after as little as one use.

What is Cryotag Skin Tag Remover?

Using the same freezing technology as used by dermatologists and doctors, this product is highly effective against unwanted skin tags. The precision applicator tip makes it very easy to use, targeting the area of the skin tag without damaging surrounding healthy skin. Most tags will need only one application before falling off, others might need up to four to fully be removed. This product's effectiveness has been clinically proven.

How does Cryotag Skin Tag Remover work?

The active ingredients in Cryotag instantly freeze the core of the skin tag, which destroys the tissue and causes the skin tag to fall off. When the applicator touches the skin tag, the base will turn white within seconds as a sign that it is being frozen. The treatment will feel very cold, which is normal. Most skin tags will fall off within 2 weeks.

Can I use the Cryotag Skin Tag Remover for my skin tag?

Always make sure your skin tag is suitable for this treatment. It has to have the following four characteristics:

  • The tag must be located on either the neck, groin, chest, back or underarms.
  • The skin tag must have the same colour as the surrounding skin.
  • The skin tags must be soft and flexible: you should be able to move them back and forth with your finger. They must be raised above your skin on a stalk or stem-like piece of skin.
  • Finally, the skin tag must be between 2mm and 6mm in size.

If your skin tag does not have all four characteristics, please see your doctor in case you have a more serious health condition.

How to use Cryotag Skin Tag Remover

  1. Attach the applicator stick by firmly twisting it into the opening on the bottom of the cap.
  2. Keeping the canister upright, press the cap all the way down for 3 seconds to saturate the applicator (this will produce a hissing sound).
  3. Remove the precision-tip applicator and the cap from the shield and hold with the tip facing down. Wait 15 seconds to allow the applicator tip to reach the correct temperature.
  4. Grasp the skin tag with the tweezers provided and gently pull it away from the base. Then apply the precision tip applicator to the stalk of the skin tag for 40 seconds. Most skin tags will fall off within 2 weeks.

Please read the instructions on the leaflet with the product before use. Keep out of reach of children.

Hazards & Cautions

Do not use this product:

  • If you have or if you ever had any type of skin cancer.
  • If you have or have had any skin lesion diagnosed as pre-cancerous, whatever the location on your body.
  • On skin growths that are not skin tags such as moles, birthmarks, dark-coloured, hairy or any unusual-looking skin conditions.
  • If you are diabetic, have poor blood circulation, have been diagnosed with blood conditions affected by extreme cold or have a weakened immune system, or if you have a bleeding problem.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding as it is uncertain how Cryotag might affect you.
  • On the following locations: on eyes, eyelids, face, lips, or inside your mouth, nose, anus, genitals, buttocks or lips.
  • On irritated or infected skin with signs of redness, itching or swelling.
  • Suitable for those aged 18 and over.

Misuse of this product may result in burns and scarring of healthy tissue or blindness. Pressurised container. Do not expose to temperatures over 50 degrees Celsius. Extremely flammable aerosol.

Possible side effects from Cryotag Skin Tag Remover

There are a few possible side effects using Cryotag:

A blister may form within a few days after the treatment. Do not puncture it as it could create an infection. It’s best to keep the treated area clean.

  • A stinging, itching or aching feeling may occur during or immediately after the treatment but this will disappear gradually.
  • There might be a slight change in skin colour after treatment, e.g. dark colours could become lighter and vice versa, but this will disappear with time.

Ingredients of Cryotag Skin Tag Remover

Dimetyl ether, isobutane, propane.

Propellant: Hydrocarbon

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