Zendium Whitening Toothpaste

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Zendium Gentle Teeth Whitening Toothpaste 75ml - contains natural antibacterial enzymes and proteins - natural protection - restores natural teeth whiteness - SLS free, Triclosan free
Zendium toothpaste is inspired by the way the mouth naturally protects itself and contains natural antibacterial enzymes and proteins, such as lactoferrin, to strengthen the mouth's natural defences. Contains a gentle whitening ingredient to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth while being kind on enamel. Mild taste, foams gently without use of harsh chemicals**** making it suitable for people with the most sensitive mouths. Does not alter your sense of taste after brushing. SLS free, Triclosan free, Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. Zendium has a prebiotic benefit, it is clinically proven to boost good bacteria* that protect the mouth naturally and reduce bad bacteria responsible for dental problems, working like a prebiotic. Zendium is the No.1 Recommended Brand by Dentists in Denmark. (Ipsos, Dec. 2020). Zendium toothpastes also comes without a carton box to reduce waste. Its tubes are made of > 60% plant based plastic
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