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Allergy Test 'n Treat Service

We can now offer an Allergy Test 'n' Treat service at Reach Pharmacy Argyle Street. Allowing our pharmacist to analyse your body's reaction to 280+ different allergens. Including:

  • Foods (144)
  • Pollen (62)
  • Pets (20)
  • Mites (17)
  • Moulds and yeasts (15)
  • Insect stings (9)
  • Other (15)

To see which allergens, in particular, we can test for click this link to view the full report.

How is the testing performed?

Via a simple finger prick our pharmacist is able to quickly collect a blood sample. This is then sent off to a partner lab to be analysed using the innovative technology ALEX – Allergy Explorer.

What is ALEX (Allergy Explorer)?

ALEX measures allergen-specific IgE and total IgE. This technology is used by allergy specialists across the world to support the clinical diagnosis of allergies.

How do I get my results?

Once analysed, your test results are fed back into a Test ‘n Treat Service eTool, which enables the pharmacist to provide an interpretation of results. In combination with your allergy history, taken during the first consultation.

How do book an Allergy Test?

Booking in is quick and easy, simply use the widget below. Select the service, time slot and enter your details. The pharmacist will then contact you to confirm your appointment.

If you'd rather talk to someone you can speak to the pharmacy on WhatsApp by clicking this link or on the green button at the bottom right of the page

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