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A meningococcal (AC WY) vaccination and a certificate is a mandatory visa requirement for those travelling for Hajj and Umrah

The Menevo Hajj and Umrah vaccine is available from Reach pharmacy in partnership with the Muslim Council of Britain Travel Pharmacy Network for only £35 from out two Travel Health Pharmacies - Click here to see on MCB Website

Reach Pharmacy               Reach Pharmacy
Argyle Street                   2 Old Gartloch Road
1094 Argyle Street            Gartcosh
Glasgow                          North Lanarkshire, G69 8EU
0141 204 0298                 Pharmacist - John Mcneill
Pharmacist - Mohammed Vaqqas Haq

Why have the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) created this package?

1. To guide the Muslim community travelling for Hajj and Umrah

to Muslim Council of Britain partner meningococcal (ACWY)

vaccination clinics convenient to pilgrims

2. To reduce the overall cost of this vaccination for pilgrims

travelling for Hajj and Umrah

What is the MCB Travel Pharmacy Network?
A meningococcal (ACWY) vaccination is a mandatory visa requirement for those attending Hajj and for those performing Umrah.

We have created a network of UK travel pharmacies to help pilgrims make an informed decision about where to get vaccinated. To find your local service along with the price, use our Clinic Finder.

What's included in the service?

The service includes the following components:
·         the meningococcal (ACWY) vaccine
·         the administration of the vaccine by a pharmacist
·         a vaccination certificate

MCB have successfully partnered with a large number of vaccination providers across the UK.

 Where can I receive my vaccination locally?

• Community vaccination clinics (mosques and community centres)

• In more than 800 participating independent pharmacies, Superdrug

pharmacies and Co-operative Pharmacy branches across the UK

• Participating GP practices

• Participating MASTA travel clinics


What do I need to do now?

Book an appointment now for your meningococcal (ACWY)

vaccination at your nearest vaccination clinic. You will have a choice

of venues but please ensure you book your appointment as soon as

possible in order to secure your venue of choice.

Further information available at the MCP Vaccination website:

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