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A natural headache treatment, headache relief applied directly to your forehead.

What is 4head Cutaneous Stick?

4head Cutaneous Stick is an effective treatment for headaches, which is used by being directly applied to the forehead.

How does 4head Cutaneous Stick work?

4head Cutaneous Stick contains the active ingredient levomenthol. When applied directly to the site of the pain (the forehead), this active ingredient creates skin sensations such as cooling and tingling. This local effect then transforms into a painkilling effect, working to numb and control the headache.

What are the benefits of taking 4head Cutaneous Stick?

Headaches can strike often, particularly in relation to stress, tiredness or a woman’s menstrual cycle. Because they can distract from work and other aspects of daily life, most people choose to treat these with painkillers. The benefits of the 4head Cutaneous Stick as opposed to oral painkillers, are that it’s very easy to use and it works instantly (whereas oral painkillers typically take 20-30 minutes to kick in).

How do I use 4head Cutaneous Stick?

The 4head Cutaneous Stick is built in very much the same way as a lip balm or insect repellent stick. To apply, start by removing both the outer cap and the smaller, inner one, and twisting the base anti-clockwise. This will push some of the product up out of the top, which you can then swipe across your forehead, being careful to avoid your eyes.

After use, twist the base to retract the stick back inside the case and replace the caps. Simply reapply as needed.

If you use too much product then you may notice that the cooling and tingling sensations become too strong. In this case, simply use less of it or use it in a more concentrated area.

If you do get the product in your eyes or mouth then rinse well with plenty of water, as it can cause irritation. If the product is accidentally swallowed then go to your nearest emergency department and take the product packaging with you.

Side effects & precautions

Like all medications, 4head Cutaneous Stick can cause some possible side effects. The most common one is for the product to make your eyes water, due to the location of where the active ingredient is applied. On rare occasions, the 4head stick can cause irritation at the site of application, especially for those with sensitive skin.

You should cease using 4head Cutaneous Stick immediately and contact your doctor if you experience any serious side effects or if you notice signs of an allergic reaction.

Do not use this medication if you are allergic to its ingredients.

How do I buy 4head Cutaneous Stick online?

You can safely buy 4head Cutaneous Stick online here at Reach Pharmacy, without the need for a prescription or consultation with a medical professional, however you should adhere to the advice given in the patient leaflet enclosed.

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