person with sore throat

We have all suffered from a sore throat where it can be uncomfortable to swallow when eating and simply talking due to symptoms such as pain and swollen glands.

What causes sore throats?

Sore throats can be caused by infections which could be bacterial or viral. Here at Reach Pharmacy offer a walk in sore throat testing service.

What happens after the sore throat test?

A positive strep test would indicate the presence of group A streptococci, in which case we can provide you with antibiotics to treat.

A negative rapid test would indicate that the affected person most likely does not have strep throat, in which case we will offer advice and over the counter remedies which can make the recovery period more bearable.

Why should I get the test?

This test means we're only giving antibiotics when strep-A is present. This helps reduce resistance to antibiotics in individuals and also reduces the need to see a G.P.

Where can I get this test and how much is it?

We offer this test and treat service at our Argyle Street branch. Feel free to drop into the branch or give us a call for further information and assistance.

We charge £4.99 for the strep-A test and a further £5 for antibiotics if the test is positive.