Nytol One-A-Night 50mg - 20 Tablets

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Nytol One-A-Night is the UK's best-selling sleep aid. It excels at tackling sleeplessness and helping you drift off into a restful and natural sleep.

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Nytol One-a-Night Tablets are an antihistamine, used to aid relaxation and help you fall asleep. It reduces alertness, promoting that first drowsy stage of sleep. They work by blocking the normal actions of histamine, the chemical that stimulates arousal-promoting areas of the brain, in order to reduce alertness and promote that first stage of drowsiness. Once in that first stage of sleep, you'll find it much easier to naturally drift off into a deep and more restful sleep so that you can feel fully refreshed in the morning.

Is Nytol One-A-Night right for me?

Nytol One-A-Night Tablets are a great solution for those suffering from short term insomnia.

Why can't I sleep?

Sleeplessness can happen for many reasons, and sometimes with no reason at all. If you are routinely finding yourself struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep, you may be suffering from insomnia. A few of the most common reasons for sleeplessness and insomnia are stress, anxiety, and depression. Each of which can be made worse if you're not getting a restful night's sleep.

How does Nytol One-A-Night work?

Can I take this while breastfeeding or if I'm pregnant?

Consult your doctor before taking Nytol One-A-Night if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. This medication may not be the best choice for your baby. A medical professional can assist you in choosing a treatment that is safe for both you and your baby.

Can I drive after taking Nytol?

This medication is designed to make you more sleepy and drowsy. Do not drive or use any machinery or tools after taking Nytol One-A-Night,

Is it ok to drink alcohol whilst taking these tablets?

You should avoid drinking alcohol whilst taking these tablets or any other antihistamines. Alcohol can increase the effects of these products and make the drowsiness more difficult to manage.

Can I take Nytol One-A-Night if I am taking other medication?

You should speak to your doctor or a Reach Pharmacy pharmacist before using this product if you are taking any other medication. Even those obtained without the need for a prescription.

Some medications can interact when used together, causing unwanted side effects or making the medications less effective. You should particularly consult your doctor if you are taking any of the following:

  • Tricyclic antidepressants, e.g. Amitriptyline, Amoxapine, Desipramine
  • Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs), which are used for depression, e.g. Isocarboxazid (Marplan), Phenelzine (Nardil), Selegiline (Emsam)
  • Atropine, which is used to dilate the pupils of the eyes
  • Medicines which make you feel drowsy
  • Antihistamines, including those used on the skin and those in cold and cough medicines

How do I take Nytol One-A-Night?

Take one tablet with water 20-30 minutes before you go to bed. If you wake up during the night do not take any more tablets, and do not take more than the recommended dose.

Do not take these tablets for more than 2 weeks without speaking to your doctor.

Do I need a prescription for Nytol One-A-Night?

You don't need a prescription for Nytol One-A-Night. there is however a short questionnaire that needs to be completed and checked by one of the pharmacists here at Reach Pharmacy. This helps us ensure that this product is right for you.

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