Odaban Antiperspirant Spray - 30ml

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Odaban Antiperspirant provides effective protection from excessive sweat & hyperhidrosis, helping you go through your day carefree & more importantly sweat free. No other product is as effective or as safe.

The Antiperspirant guaranteed to work.

Odaban? antiperspirant is the first choice treatment for Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). No other product is as effective or as safe.

Odaban? has now been used by doctors to treat perspiration problems and sold over the counter in pharmacies throughout the U.K. for more than thirty years.

ODABAN? - is the most effective, safe antiperspirant deodorant available and is sold with a money-back guarantee for all hyperhidrosis problems.
ODABAN? - is convenient, most people find a once weekly application gives complete protection.
ODABAN? - does not contain any propellants or perfumes and is allergy free.
ODABAN? - is packed in a revolutionary pump spray that prolongs the life of the product. The unbreakable and non-pressurised pack travels well and can deliver up to one year's supply.
ODABAN? - was the first commercial preparation of an aluminium chloride antiperspirant and, after more than thirty years, its unique formulation, production and packaging are still without equal.
ODABAN? - is backed by the personal customer service of Jeff Bracey, the pharmacist who developed the product

Main uses of ODABAN:

Under-arm 'wetness' - Odaban will protect every skin type with normal to problem rates of perspiration (hyperhidrosis).
Foot problems - Odaban will solve many foot care problems caused by "wet" skin. The guaranteed drying effect will eradicate or protect against odour, itch and scale. Chafing problems - Odaban will prevent blisters for walkers, sportsmen, users of artificial limbs and the bedridden.
Infections - Odaban will help prevent problems prevalent in swimming pools, showers and saunas by keeping the skin dry. Other problems - Odaban prevents obesity rashes, facial sweating, wet palms, compensatory sweating, etc.

How it works:

Radio-isotope tests have shown that the active ingredients of Odaban do not stop the sweat glands from working. The drying effect of Odaban is produced by poral "plugs," formed from a combination of aluminium and skin protein.
It is the partial blocking of the sweat ducts by these poral "plugs" that causes a re-routing of the perspiration to the blood capillaries where it is transported to areas of the skin from which evaporation can take place more easily or to the kidneys for excretion. The net result is to leave the treated skin area dry and without any compensatory sweating elsewhere on the body.
The insolubility of the aluminium/protein complex formed is such that there is absolutely no absorbtion of aluminium into the body's system. Odaban is therefore completely safe to use on a long-term basis and even during pregnancy.

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